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Yellow phosphorus prices continue to rebound

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In this week (10 Sept. to 16 Sept.), the ex-factoryprices of Yellow phosphorus continued to rebound, and rose to USD5,150.3/t–5,411.4/t, an increase of 34%~41% compared withthat at the beginning of Aug. (the lowest price in the past 3 months).

Figure 1:Mainstream quotations of Chinese Yellow phosphorus manufacturers (ex-factoryprice), RMB/t, 03 Jun. – 03 Sept., 2022


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There are two main reasons for the rise:

²   Sufficientdownstream orders. Most of the Yellow phosphorus enterprisesexpress that the recent orders are sufficient due to downstream rigid needs,and that the spot goods supply schedule is slightly tight.

²   Theepidemic affects logistics. In early Sept., because of the severe epidemic inQujing, Yunnan Province and Guiyang, Guizhou Province, the main concentrationsof phosphate rock in China, some high-speed intersections were closed andcontrolled, and the delivery of Yellow phosphorus and raw materials wasblocked.

Market outlook forecast: In theshort term, the supply of Yellow phosphorus will maintain a low level, whichwill continue to favor the price rise.

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