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Hunan Haili: Subsidiary to build 4,000t/a Carbaryl and 5,000t/a Thiophanate-methyl projects

发表时间:2021-11-22 12:57

In September 2021, the Department of Industry and Information Technology of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region released an announcement about the Energy Conservation Examination of the projects of the 4,000t/a Carbaryl and 5,000t/a Thiophanate-methyl and other series products production lines and the supporting 30,000t/a phosgene project of Ningxia Haili Science and Technology Co., Ltd. (Ningxia Haili), a wholly owned subsidiary of Hunan Haili Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. (Hunan Haili).

Ningxia Haili planned to invest USD202.5 million to build the above-mentioned projects in Qingtongxia Industrial Park. Main contents of its projects include:

²   4,000t/a Carbaryl

²   4,000t/a Thiodicarb

²   1,000t/a Isoprocarb

²   2,000t/a Fenobucarb

²   5,000t/a Thiophanate-methyl

²   2,000t/a K-Acyl Chloride

²   2,000t/a Dodecanoyl chloride

²   500t/a Dimethylcarbamyl chloride

²   2,000t/a 2-Hydroxybenzonitrile

²   10,000t/a Methyl chloroformate

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