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Price of Pyridine rises sharply in June 2022

发表时间:2022-07-12 08:51作者:Think Real

In late June 2022, the quotation of 99% Pyridine is during USD4,920/t and USD5,200/t, an increase of USD597/t-USD746.3/t compared to that in last month.

Reasons for the increase in Pyridine price:

1.          Price of power steam remains high, lifting the price of the upstream product Acetaldehyde and supporting the market price of Pyridine to increase.

2.          The market supply is tight currently since a supplier in Shandong Province has been shot down for maintenance and the real-time supply has decreased. It is expected that the market supply will recover in mid-to-late August.

3.          The market demand for Paraquat, its downstream product, continues to increase, and Paraquat manufacturers have high enthusiasm for purchasing Pyridine.

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